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Monday, 15 September 2014

Pictures of the Week [W/E - 14.09.2014]

VW1245 - LK12AAF is seen in Harrow Weald operating on Route 140 to Heathrow Central on its first day of service

VW1243-1248 have transferred from Brentford Bus Garage (AH) to Harrow Weald (HD) to help aid the PVR increase of the 140 to 28 and for the newly retained school Route 640, which was previously with Arriva the Shires.

The buses were part of a larger batch with numbers running from 1243-1306  which were brought in for newly retained Route 43, 134 & W7 contracts back in 2012 but were displaced after the route was converted to the LT Type. VW1243-1248 headed west to Brentford to help displace the ill reputed OTH class Optare Tempo Hybrids whilst VW1249 & 1251 headed to Alperton to make up newly formed DD allocation of the 245. 

Metroline VW1245 LK12 AAJ stands outside Harrow & Wealdstone Station
on the 140 en route Heathrow Airport


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