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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Picture of the Week [W/E - 02.03.2014]

3817 - LJ58 AWC is seen on stand outside Watford Junction Station.

LJ58 AWC transferred from Arriva London to Arriva the Shires in August 2013 after refurbishment at Hants and Dorset Trim.

The batch (ENL11 to ENL17, now recoded 3811 to 3817), along with a few others was originally ordered for Arriva London's Route 491 back in 2008. In May 2013, the route passed over to Go Ahead London. Therefore, a few ENL's would remain surplus at the Enfield Garage.  Arriva decided to transfer these to the Garston Garage to work on Routes H18/H19 which had been given a PVR increase of 2.

The batch entered service in August 2013 primarily for the circular H18 and H19 routes. Nowdays, they can be also put into service on other single decker routes (268, 288, 303 and 305). Arriva the Shires are known for intermixing their double deck vehicle into single deck routes and vice versa. This has been the third time Enviro200 has been put into service on the 142. Route 142 is usually a full double deck operation.


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