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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Focus On: Route H28

I'm still alive!! Yes my first set of university exams are over and I finally have had the time to write a post! Anyways, enough of the sob story, lets get into the action! Whilst travelling home today I thought of a new series that could take place on the blog. A focus on a certain route. I thought it would be rude if I didn't start with my local route (the best route in London of course) the mighty H28!!

Route H28 currently runs between Osterley Tesco and Bull's Bridge Tesco via Hounslow and Heston.

Route H28 is currently run with Dart SLF 8.8m/Pointers but is due an upgrade to new 10.2m E20D's any time soon. The route is run from Hayes garage which is situated about 2 minutes from Bull's Bridge Tesco. The current PVR of Route H28 is 8. The route takes running numbers 611- 618. The route takes an 11 mile journey between the two tesco's serving the back streets the main bus routes in the areas don't cover. It's a very convenient link for shoppers as is often used as a hopper bus between the shopping locations it passes. The current frequency of the route is every 20 minutes Monday - Saturday and  Every Sunday and evenings every 30 minutes. The H28 is currently allocated:

8051, X311KRX
8052, X312KRX
8053, X313KRX
8054, X314KRX
8055, X315KRX
8057, X317KRX
8059, X319KRX
8061, X322KRX
8062, Y38YVV

8051 - 8055, 8057, 8059 and 8061 all hit the road during December 2000. 8062 was purchased by Tellings Golden Miller and entered service in February 2001. Originally, Route H28 was run from Twickenham (TF) garage b. I must say I personally will miss the old buses when they get replaced as they are what I have grown up knowing on the H28. Considering their age, they are still in good condition and could do another 5 years (or maybe that's just be not wanting to let go of them!)

Below is some pictures of the allocated buses along with some sightings on the route:

 8051, X311KRX

 8052, X312KRX
  8053, X313KRX

  8054, X314KRX
 8055, X315KRX

 8057, X317KRX

 8059, X319KRX

 8061, X322KRX
8062, Y38YVV

 8041, V301MDP

 8113, KX06LYS
 8044, V304MDP

 8466, GM03TGM

 8470, HX04HTV
 8499, KX05KFW

8508, LJ08CZR

I hope you liked this post. Thanks for reading. Feel free to rate/comment


LondonBuses72 says:
at: Sunday, January 20, 2013 11:57:00 am said...

Great post Jack! I really like this idea of doing a huge project and one at a time!

at: Sunday, January 20, 2013 8:37:00 pm said...

I remember the H28's being run by TGM in the white livery. These routes that sneak around the back streets no other routes cover are always fun. Good luck with the project!


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