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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Latest Buses at the Trim...25th of November 2012

It's been a while since this one, however you could say the revival of the blog is still under way  With myself and Jack busy with University commitments as well as social commitments, its hard to get five minutes to yourself where you can sit down and just do you! However thanks to long term blog contributor Eddie, we can still bring you interesting pictures such as the Hant's Dorset Trim series which has been running for nearly two years.

Seen here at the Hant's Dorset Trim inn Eastleigh is GAL WVL202 LX05 EZU, which is now Northumberland Park (NP) bound after finishing its refurbishment. The batch is part of a handful of vehicles, that have just been released by Putney Garage after the delivery of Wright Gemini bodied Volvo B9TLs and Hybridg B5LHs for the Routes 14 and 22. This has allowed WVL202 and similar vehicles to be allocated to other routes within the GAL operation. The first batch have moved to Northumberland Park (NP) for the recently won route 257 which was formerly run by Stagecoach. The second batch of vehicles which includes models similar to the above will move to Stockwell Garage (SW) for Route 87 which will allow the existing President bodied Volvo B7TLs, 'PVL's to you and me to be transferred to the Go Ahead London commercial fleet.

Arriva Shires 4529 LJ51 DFA
Former EC based Wright Cadet, DWL17 is seen here at the trim after completing a lengthy refurbishment journey that started in late September. The vehicle is part of a batch of vehicles that were formerly allocated to the route W15 before it was lost to First from their Lea Interchange garage. Surplus to requirements the vehicle was used on their route 444, before being sent here. It will transfer to Hemel Hempstead garage to take up duties on the routes there and help to dispose of older stock.


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