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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Abellio London Walworth Garage [WL]

Today saw a trip to Abellio's Walworth depot in Camberwell. The last time we visited this garage was back in Feb 2011 when the ex Metroline DT's had just arrived in time for the 172 takeover.

8337, YX11AHK

The Garage is leased by London Transport to Abellio London. It currently has a capacity of 98 Buses, for Routes  40, 100,188, 343, 381, 484 and night routes N343 and N381. It was confirmed during this week that a proposed date of the 23rd June has been set by the company for route 35/N35 to transfer to this garage. A lot of new buses have been introduced into the depot since our last visit including a batch of E400H's for use on route 188.

A credit must go out to the receptionist at the depot who took the time to show us around this depot. Whilst on site we followed all the safety rules and wore a high vis. A reminder to all our viewers - Bus garages are not playgrounds, they are workplaces! All of our garage visits are organised and have been approved by the garage manager. Pictures from the visit can be seen below:

Hybrid 2411, SN61DGO

9010, BX54DHZ & 9036, BX55XMK

Bus wash

9010 and 9036 rear view

2411, 9006 and 9034 rear view

9828, LG52XYJ

9757 and 8326 on the MOT pits

VOSA Authorised Testing Facility

Welcome to Walworth Depot


at: Wednesday, June 13, 2012 11:05:00 pm said...

Certainly looks like they've done it up.. Was a dump last time I passed through!

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