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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Metroline CELF Centre Part 35

Probably due to the temperamental weather that April dawns on us, these are probably some of my weaker shots of a very plain CELF Centre to say the least. I'll be honest here, I only came here as I was anticipating the delivery of the new DEs for the 46, however internal sources advised me they will not be here for a while yet, so I was less than impressed today.

Above is a shot of the recently refurbished TA658 LK05 GHG, this bus is part of a batch of 22 Alexander Dennis ALX400 bodied Dennis Tridents that were delivered to Cricklewood Garage in February 2005 for the new Route 266 contract. The buses are numbered in Metroline's unique continuous numbering system which sees them have bonnet numbers ranging from 638 - 659 although there are merely 22 of them. However as most of us know, Metroline have lost the 266 contract respectively to First, the changes will take effect on the 19th of May 2012 and rather than to have these buses that are pretty much in their prime laying about, Metroline have made the decision to refurbish these buses and use them on the Olympic contracts for which they have been allocated 91 Buses. Hence the reason why TE appearances on the route are becoming more and more common. The refurbished Buses are being sent to CELF for prep checks before being stored at a location that I am not allowed to comment on.

The lower saloon of Metroline's TA658 facing the rear
Above is a shot of the lower saloon of TA658 which was refurbished at Hant Dorset's Trim in Eastleigh. Not that the seats have not been changed as with normal Metroline refurbishments. However the padding and seat Marquette have been restored to give the interior a more refreshed look. More shots of the saloons are based below.
The upper saloon of Metroline's TA658 facing the rear 

The lower saloon of Metroline's TA658 facing the front
 Although the seats have not been changed, they have been deeply cleaned and the flooring has also received new lino which can been seen reflecting through the sunlight.

Metroline TEH1219 LK61 BJV 
Metroline TEH1219 LK61 BJV is seen at CELF Centre of a typical Aprils afternoon. This is part of a batch of 26 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 buses numbered between TEH1217 - 1224 & 1225 and 1242 that were allocated to Metroline's Cricklewood Garage to allow the139's 100% conversion to Hybrid buses and the Route 16's 82% conversion to Hybrid operation providing TEH915 - 919 were not allocated to the 189 as expected.

Metroline DM970 LK09 EKN
Metroline DM970 LK09 EKN makes a rare appearance at CELF Centre, the Brentford based vehicle is part of a batch of 10 MCV eVolution bodied ADL E200 Darts that were delivered to Brentford in early 2009 for the Route 190s new contract. However for one reason or another, this vehicle above is actually allocated to the E8.

Metroline DLD709 LK55 KMG
DLD708 LK55 KMG sits outside of the centre after being returned from refurbishment, this is part of a batch of DLDs that will be transferred from KC to AH in return for some DEs to allow type standardisation at both KC and AH Garage after the Olympics.

Other than the above there are around a dozen VWs that are still awaiting delivery to Holloway Garage and more shots are available below.

Metroline VW1270 LK12 AHA

Metroline VW1264 LK12 AEZ

Metroline DM970 LK09 EKN

Metroline VW1249 LK12 ABX

Metroline TE669 LK55 KKJ

Metroline TA658 LK05 GHG


at: Saturday, April 21, 2012 6:59:00 pm said...

What will happen to all the ex. 24 TE' at HT? Are they being retained there and if so which routes will they be found on?

at: Tuesday, April 24, 2012 9:37:00 pm said...

Indeed a plain CELF, but nice pics! Just one question, why do the TEHs never display a 'Not in Service' blind? The yellow and grey setting is a welcome change though! Lewis

at: Sunday, March 03, 2013 11:41:00 am said...

I think the 240 needs new buses after all metroline have keeped the route with the plaxton presdents.

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