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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

London Observations: White City, Hammersmith, Ruislip, Twickenham and Brent Cross

March has long been the sign of a change in the air, atmosphere or simply a change of season.Made more apparent by the season of Spring which signifies new life and new beginnings. So here at the COL Blog we are pleased to announce a new section. Entitled 'London Observations'. It will feature pictures of Buses from my travels in and around London in various locations. Hope you guys enjoy!
SC01 YT11 LSC is seen at White City Bus Station off loading passengers having just finished a trip from Camberwell Green in South London. This is one of two Scania Omnicity's that has been sent on loan to London based bus companies who have Scania Double Decks while Scania conduct checks on the hit and miss N230UD chassis. The sister vehicle, YT11 LSD is currently with Metrobus. Eventually, both vehicles will visit, First, Metroline and London Sovereign, all of which have N230UDs.

First London DN33512 LK08 FMU stands at White City Bus Station, having just formed the lengthy trip down the 13 mile gateway that is Uxbridge Road from Uxbridge. This is one of 11 DNs that transferred from Route 23 from Westbourne Park to Uxbridge Garage (UX) to take on duties upon the new 607 contract. These will be joined by a further 11 VNWs from Dagenham Garage that are in the process of refurbishment.

TLA32 SN53 KJV makes an appearanc on the Route 148 at White City Bus Station.
London Sovereign VLP23 PJ53 OUW makes a rather cameo appearance on the Route 114 at Ruislip Station. Not so much a rare appearance, however compared to around 3 years ago, to catch one of these beauties on any route other than their intended 292 is quite odd.
Abellio London 8438 RX51 FGN is seen at Brent Cross Bus Station, having just arrived from Ealing Broadway. Not so much an oddity seeing as some of the normal Ceatanos that operate on the Route have been transferred to BC to take up duties on the newly won Route 455.
Metroline TPL275 LR02 BBF is seen on the Route 266 at Hammersmith Low Level Bus Station.
Abellio London 8101 LJ56 VSP makes a rare appearance on the Route 490.


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