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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The wait is over - DM964 on Route 209!

As many of you know, Metroline have a batch of 10 Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 Dart 10.2m/MCV Evolutions numbered DM961 - DM970 which are operated from Brentford (AH) garage in West London. DM961 - 969 are for route 190, Richmond - West Brompton and DM970 is for Route E8, Ealing Broadway - Brentford, Commerece Road. For nearly 2 years I have been waiting to see one on Route 209, Mortlake - Hammersmith, which is a mere 3 miles in length with a PVR of 14! Well today was my lucky day! Whilst travelling to the dentist I noticed DM964 running light from AH garage fully blinded for the 209! I knew it was a chance that I could not miss out on!

DM964, LK58CRV, Seen at Hammersmith

Taking the long way round to Mortlake via Richmond to avoid the Hammersmith Flyover traffic I arrived at Mortlake and was walking up the road that leads to the stand. 3 E200's left the stand all in a row and I thought I was going to be waiting a while for my bus but then out of nowhere I see the front of a bus starting to emerge from around the corner! What bus what it? You got it! DM964! The first bus when I got there! DM964 was running on the 209 as #AH106 and I was was happy to finally get my picture I have been after for so long!

After taking the trip from Mortlake to Hammersmith (which took no longer then 15 minutes!) I arrived at Hammersmith Bus station were I was able to get my picture. I must say having a DM on the 209 really was a nice change and I look forward to seeing them on the route more often (Hopefully not in another 2 years!!)


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