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Friday, 4 November 2011

First of the Bunch...well not really

Although not chronologically the first SP to be numbered in London United's original first batch of 15 Scania Omnicity Buses, London United SP5 YN56 FCF is the first of their Omnicitys to be fully repainted.

SP5 YN56 FCF © EHBusman1958

The Bus above, SP5 is part of the original batch of Scania Omnicitys that were quite shockingly ordered by London United in 2006 and delivered in late 2006 hence their '56' registrations numbered between SP1 - 15 they were first of the class for London and many enthusiasts such as myself were very excited to see this new bus for London (if you like). Bought specifically for the flagship Route 148, they allowed 15 other Volvo ALX400 (VA) to be cascaded to Hounslow Garage (AV) for use on the Hounslow routes, in particular the 120. In 2008 it then saw the turn of these nearly new Buses to be cascaded to Hounslow Garage, this is due to the fact TFL did not favour these low height vehicles, they are in fact the lowest height double deck vehicles since Arriva's S & T Reg DLAs which are now in fact of the process of leaving London. Although these vehicles did not leave London completely, they were ousted to the outskirts of London, however they make cameo appearances on the Route 27 from time to time. As of August 2011, this batch of vehicles started to get sent of to Hants & Dorset Trim in Eastleigh for a repaint, in which, I must admit does make them look quite smart. 


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