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Saturday 20 November 2010

A trip to Volvo Brimsdown Part 2.... Arriva HVs

Today was shaping out to be one of those great days, my mate member Rohan had informed my yesterday that some Arriva B5L Hybrid Buses had just been delivered to Volvo Brimsdown for their PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) check before being delivered to Tottenham garage where they will split between Routes 76,149 and 243.

Arriva HV12 LJ60AXD
 The new Buses are are coded as 'HV' and there will be twenty of these new buses arriving at Arriva London's Tottenham Garage. When Arriva were given the allocation of 20 Hybrids they chose the Wright Gemini 2 bodywork with the Volvo B5L Chassis which makes me question why they do not order their diesel cousins the Volvo B9TL.The new Buses have CCTV Screens, LED Lighting and power blinds, which is really uncharacteristic of Arriva. It brings up another question is it actually Volvo that specify power blinds with their vehicles because if you look at the Arriva HWs that were delivered around the same time as the old Arriva HVs you will notice they have manual blinds. These Buses I have to describe as the 'perfect bus'.

More Photos below
Arriva HV8 LJ60AWZ rear offside

Arriva HV8 and Arriva HV7

Arriva HV8 offside

Arriva HV8 offside shot


at: Sunday, December 05, 2010 10:24:00 am said...

It was TfL that insisted on power blinds. Only Arriva among operators had not voluntarily adopted them, so TfL in the end had to insist.

Jay says:
at: Sunday, December 05, 2010 5:25:00 pm said...

I did find that ironic. I'll see if the new Arriva Enviro 400s (T) have power blinds and base my judgement upon that


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